Hi guys so today i want to talk with you about specific topic that didnot mention until now  how to get paid for doing interviews and surveys wait  before you drop out. 

i’m not talking about any of the surveys where you get 10 to 20 cents for 40 questions and that’s it  no i’m talking about real money 100 -150$ per interview or survey so stick till the end  because i will prove to you.


How this works so i want to specifically talk with  you about respondent is an online website where you can participate in those  interviews and surveys so let’s take a look on their website right so like i said you get  paid to help cutting edge projects come to life they are always searching for specific  jobs.

 Like software developers marketeers executives enterprise software users business  owners sales and support and many many more so how does this actually work well first off you need  to register your profile and verify your profile second you need to get match they have a specific  algorithm designed for you in your specific job to get you the research project that fits your  job best so when you actually get invited to a study you will get a schedule and afterwards a  zoom call skype call or something like that and then you get paid afterwards .


You get paid via paypal of course respondent collects five percent fulfillment fee like always on these sites right  and that’s basically it so. 


 I got four recommended  projects for me one paying 150 for 60 minutes another one fifty dollars for 120 minutes  another 25 or 15 minutes or 160 dollars for 60 minutes so i’m only seeing  the ones that are recommended for my profile of course i can uncheck the recommended  filter and i see many many more projects we are seeing now 30 of 105 projects so i could fulfill  out the questionnaire for all these 105 projects and see if i actually fit into the profile  and if i actually will get an interview schedule or not so let’s pick one of those to show you  actually how this questioner process works let me check um let’s get back to my recommended one seeking guest of the ritz-carlton hotel why not .

so you start a qualification qualifying screener  and which country do you currently live in like i said before i did not have stayed in the ritz carlton hotel b4  next what is your status with marriott bonvoy member elite platinum elite ambassadors i’m  not a member so now you know all about my hotel life for classification purpose what  is your total and for taxes please include i know it but i will pick something else because  nothing against you i don’t want but i don’t want you guys to know it sorry .

Pick 50 to 40, 74$ whatever and that’s about it i’m now successful i’m now successfully submitted  to the screener to this project and let’s see if i actually will be interviewed and  i mean i never stayed in the ritz garden so the possibility is pretty low but who knows right  so i showed you the process .


I will show you now what you can also do you can you can refer this  website to to friends of yours to colleagues of yours to to anyone who would you think well  that’s a good thing for them i can refer to them and you will actually get 50 dollars  for ever for every qualified colleague to a specific study so this person has to actually  participate in one of the studies and then you will get fifty dollars.

There also you can  do network referrals that will give you twenty dollars and like i mentioned fifty dollars for  specific project referrals so if you know ah okay i cannot  participate in this specific  project but then no one who actually can participate in it it’s perfect for that  friend and you can refer him you can forward it to them and yeah so you can make a little bit  extra money. so extra money is never wrong right so you have like i said you have the dashboard.

where you have an overview of your of your data maybe it’s not best i show you this because i  have to blur out all the stuff later more work in the cutting but never mind so yeah then you  can browse your projects you can actually see your projects that you have submitted to and  what you have done or not done or whatever then you have can you can see your message board  referrals and you have your profile you can you can add a profile picture your name phone number  email your look your country location and so forth one important thing to mention for you  guys you have to register with your employee email so you cannot use your private email  you have to actually verify and register with your employee email so that’s important to know but i  think i showed you that you can actually make good money with this website.

Like i said look here 160$  for 60 minutes that’s really nice right like i said this is going to be a one-on-one interview  mostly skype call or zoom call and you will pay it afterwards so i really hope you enjoyed this video  if you are interested in more paid interviews paid testing i actually have three more websites  where i’m actually logged in as a participant one of them would be try my user interface.  





Clubshop Business – How to build passive income monthly on Autopilot


You are going to become a prosperous online entrepreneur, free to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve, with no more worries about your financial future.

Clubshop is an immense shopping center which brings together companies and consumers from all over the world.
In addition to saving money by accumulating cashback on their purchases, Clubshop consumers can decide at any time to activate the GPS (Global Partner System) and make the Clubshop their own and exclusive online activity.
So by purchasing the GPS you activate a huge shopping center open to the whole world 24/7 and ready to generate sales and commissions for you. Each type of GPS provides all the necessary tools and a precise number of Affiliates that you will receive in your network in real time from the Clubshop advertising campaigns.

How to Activate GPS:

Your Affiliates can decide at any time to buy their GPS (each GPS activated by your Affiliates in fact represents for you another open branch as a clubshop mall and anywhere in the world where GPS is activated) and you receive 50% initial commission on their activation, plus a monthly commission from their renewal based on the level at which they are in your Clubshop network (6 levels of TNT fees). You can activate your GPS here in your Trial Control Center by clicking on the green button “Confirm Your GPS”.
Read also the Essential Training in your Dashboard.

Clubshop Benifits and Earning Potential:

It’s not yet switched to this model. But in the mean time you can learn about it: “To create extraordinary lives for ordinary people.” – The Loyalty Concept.
we want to reward your loyalty and persistence. Why? Because nobody can build a project of this magnitude in a couple of months.
You need to have clear that we are going to enable millions of ordinary people worldwide to interact and get ongoing benefits from the massive consumption of everyday products and services of all kinds sold worldwide.
Since the relaunch of  Clubshop, our dream is our mission: “To create extraordinary lives for ordinary people.”
It means that even if you don’t have time to devote to a business, because you already have a primary job and a family to take care of, we want you to find your space inside the Clubshop project and get the rewards you wish to live a better life.
This new profit-sharing model goes precisely in this direction.
Can you imagine yourself earning a monthly percentage on millions of meals, shoes, groceries, clothes, home & garden products, travels, haircuts, and whatever you can imagine people can buy while earning Cashback?
You would love that. Well, then be excited because that is what we’re going to do together. But you need to trust us and support the project all along the way. We can make it happen only by helping each other confidently.
That’s why your loyalty is recognized and highly rewarded in our profit-sharing algorithm through the profit-sharing “TAG Credit” parameter” which can make a huge difference in your future monthly income, as you can see in the projection tool here.
For the same reason, on the other hand, lack of loyalty and trust is highly penalized by zeroing out all your profit-sharing TAG Credit parameter, should you interrupt your GPS Subscription and restart it again at a later time.
                              Clubshop – Comments – Shared
Excellent Income Building Program What I like:
Coop shares that bring cash back
Did not like it:
Partners who cannot decide what they want.
Final verdict
It’s the best program I’ve ever seen in my life with which you can really earn an income,that changes your life.This is very important in this day and age.All over the world there is:(hunger,unemployment,
Wage cuts, sickness and debt.
There is a lack of perseverance to build something lasting.Everyone wants to get rich quick, but that never works.
Club shop is uncomplicated and convincing:With GPS, YOU have thousands of well-known shops in it.
In addition, the GPS also offers an automated oneMarketing system that will be in place in the coming months and years the basis of potential customers for your shopping center from all over the world
will continue to expand.
Every time a store sells in your mallearn a commission.In fact, YOU are making money among those millions of products and services a commission for every GPS sold.
The automated business building and optimization system makes everything unique and convincing.
But the most important are the buyers of the club shop.
Since 1997, millions of people are from all over the world  have joind ClubShop for Rewards   discounts and  cashback, when shopping online in our ClubShop Mall,or offline on presentation of the ClubShop Rewards card in one participating business or company.
ClubShop Rewards online and offline stores and businesses are available in over 100 countries and are still growing!
Just ask yourself a question “1. Do you want to built a legit business. 2.Earn monthly passive income. 3. Help others and feel the happiness that you have done something for society. 4. Earn a cashback for yourself on puchase. 5. Take support from system that builds the residual income steadily.”
IF your Answer to these questions is yes then take your decesion right now and

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LEAD LIGHTNING – Lead Lightning Payment Proof to get recurring 6$ commissions

Make $500 A Day Using Power Lead System, lead Lightning And Global Moneyline hi folks Srinivas here thanks for stopping by and I’m glad I’ve got your attention now I’m guessing you’ve clicked through to come here and read this and see this to find out whether this is real whether it’s something that you can help you in your business or whether it’s something that can help you get started online and actually start generating some real money.

A real income okay now what I’ve got will do that I’m not going to be I’m not making any false promises to you I can’t guarantee that you will actually make any money here okay I don’t know you,I don’t know what your work ethic is I don’t know where somebody that’s going to sign up and then not do anything andjust sit there and wait for things to happen if that’s the case then yeah you’re not going to make any money but if you can follow some simple
instructions don’t try reinventing the wheel if you can follow some already proven steps to actually success then then yes this willwork for you.
where people fall down is that they sign up and then they don’t do anything they watch a few videos and then that’s it that’s that’s as far as their learning goes but what you have to do you have to put things in action.
You have to take action okay no I’ll help you as much as I can I’ll help you get started I hope to get set up you know and I’m here for you will have all my contact details so there won’t be any excuse for you to not get hold of me but what you’ve got to do is put your name and email address in the box below to go through and watch the presentation and that’s when you’ll make a decision on whether it’s for you or not.
This opportunity can help you promote absolutely any business on the internet or not on the Internet okay it’s a platform that while you’re promoting another business this will also generate an income for you so that’s going to straight away without any efforts any extra effort create a multiple income stream okay there are people here that are earning tens of thousands of dollars every single month okay.

And you if you follow this steps could be one of them okay so what I wantyou to do put your name and email address below okay click through to the next presentation and then my decision if you’re watching on YouTube folks there be a link in the description below  put your name and email address in and I’ll see you on the inside and thanks for watching. To Earn 6$ per lead CLICK HERE.

3steps for monthly passive income towards prosperity

A Business that helps People to move towards properity by giving an oppotunity to earn Monthly Passive Income  by taking them as Partners and expanding customer base Globally since 1997.

How would see yourself enjoying a monthly income that starts at a low pace in the begining and explodes like a dynamite. Here i am disclosing a business that is since 1997 having a base of millions of  people worldwide and based in more than 100 countries.

The moto behind the mission of this company is ” Building Extra ordinay lives for Ordinary People“.

Just imagine in the world where there is no gurantee of life, work,earning sources,suppor of parental income for large mass if such a business exists where people help each other to get succeed and achieve monthly income can move towards properity.

Thinsk for your self “If i want to help you to succeed“- But do you want to get succeess is a ???

The majority of people without an entrepreneurial mindset stay poor all their lives because they want to make money immediately and with no effort.

Here the Best Part is you dont need list,website,email champaigns, only the desire to help people who come into your downline placed by GLOBAL PARTNER SYSTEM GPS” which boosts the growth of the business with a human interaction to help each other grow. You can earn commissions with GPS as monthly income where thousands of people puchase on daily basis. AS a GPS Partner you are entitled with certain benifits like you send certain people they get a cash back and you receive a commission. Secondly 40% of the  partners fee revenue is used for the  TNT promotion champaign which keeps on producing new members and customers Globally.

This is a business where we can find full support from our Sponsors,Customer care,Back office support for queries and knowledge base videos from well experienced top level people. You can also join our Facebook and Telegram channel to learn more about the business.


For more info of How to move towards prosperity please click the link  below to understand how facinating is this business to generate monthly income.